AIMIT, St Aloysius Institute of Management & Information Technology is the NEW CAMPUS for MBA and IT programmes offered by St Aloysius College (AUTONOMOUS), Mangalore. The independent campus which is being developed is second to none, having excellent infra-structure and faculty. Realizing the need for world class Management and IT Institute, St Aloysius College has launched this initiative.


The campus has a beautiful ADMIN BLOCK patterned on the classical architecture of the 130 years old Aloysian campus. The Admin Block also has state of the art air conditioned AUDITORIUM, the Institute Offices and the office of the Director. The ACADEMIC BLOCK, which is very spacious and modern, has well equipped class rooms and air-conditioned lecture halls and the faculty rooms.

The block adjacent to the academic block houses six large, air-conditioned computer laboratories. The same block has two large floors of library with air-conditioned reading rooms. The library is open till late hours at night to enable students to refer to books, journals and the Internet. The same block also has two large halls for students activities.


Realizing the need for promoting leadership among students and also with a view to place AIMIT among the best ten Business Schools in India, St Aloysius College has embarked upon this ambitious project. Students of the Business School are expected to stay on campus and provision is there for others also to stay on campus. Students have excellent residential facilities with bath attached rooms.

In the second phase of the construction more facilities, like the indoor-basketball stadium,swimming pool, Management Development Centre, more faculty houses and students residences are expected to be built.


AIMIT offers MBA, MCA, MS(Software Technology) and M Sc(Bioinformatics)programmes of St Aloysius College (AUTONOMOUS). The MBA programme is ranked among the best in India. The Institute is planning to have twining programmes with some of the prestigious B-Schools in US.


AIMIT will also offer choice-based credit system from the next academic year, giving a lot of flexibility to students who will be able to select subjects of their choice. New electives like Hospital Management, International Business and Banking will be introduced from the next academic year.


Our dream is to make AIMIT one of the best Business and IT Schools in India.